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Unplugged and offline

broken cable motherboard

The (insert favourite strong swear word here) motherboard has gone on my laptop. Consequently I have been unplugged for the last couple of weeks.  Honestly its driving me bats and I hate hate hate it.  I’d worked up a head of steam posting daily and getting into good  work habits.  Also, I hadn’t realised just how therapeutic writing is. And addictive.  I miss it!

In the meantime there has been the Grand Autumn Garden Clear Up aka hack, slash and deal to the millions of walnuts which fall in our back yard at this time of year, and an extremely tidy house, with a little bit of paid work thrown in for good measure.

Now that the Gods of House and Garden have been suitably propitiated, I will have to resort to using the office desktop which is usually the sole domain of Himself, or go to the library to write.  Whilst Himself has been very generous so far, I can see this situation rapidly wearing thin…

So hellooooooooooo out there in the dim dark recesses of cyberspace to my few followers.  Thank you for your loyalty.  Reception may be intermittent for the next few weeks but normal transmissions will resume eventually:-)



Got Goals? Do The Work

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Here’s where my two crappy pages a day come in.  It’s about doing the work.  Every. Single. Day.  And that’s where I’ve always gone wrong in the past.

Have you ever set goals every New Year’s but never made any progress towards them?  Have you ever wondered why you just seem to be treading water with your career/fitness/health/financial issues?  The hard truth of it is that you’re not doing the work.

It’s taken me years to realize this, but every year I set goals and every year I didn’t achieve them and I couldn’t figure out why.  It’s taken me until I’m 55 to realize that I simply wasn’t working towards them.

Yes, I would throw myself at my fitness or career goals in the beginning of the year, but I seemed to get nowhere fast and I couldn’t figure out why.

It’s just hit me that for starters I wasn’t choosing the right goals for me – they were societal “should have goals”  – like a fancy car or more money.  Goals need to personally resonate  or you’ll never have the daily enthusiasm to go and do the work.  Secondly I wasn’t consistent enough about my work and I wasn’t tracking my goals.  Now it’s all going on my wall calendar and in the notebook I use everyday for my lists, gratitudes and ideas.  Every morning and evening I read my goals and focus on moving towards each of them one tiny step at a time.  And some days it’s a really tiny step.

A lot has been said on the internet about GRINDING out the work  to achieve success.   I tried this for ages and it doesn’t work for me.  What does work is more like  lower-case-unbolded-grinding.  If things aren’t working out then back off.  Take smaller steps, but take them consistently, and track them.  Working towards your goals should be more about the joy of the process, than a miserable suffering towards the end point.   Enjoy each tiny achievement as it happens and then press on.

For me I get a buzz every time I press the publish button on WordPress, I get a buzz every time I can connect my thoughts and voice my opinion in the hope that it helps someone in the same boat as me, I get a buzz from being creative.  I would still be writing down my thoughts and figuring things out on paper even if I was the last person on earth.  Now there’s  a proper goal.


Two Crappy Pages a Day


The title of this post is a direct quote from Tim Ferriss author of The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body and his latest bestseller – Tools of Titans.  All of which are 800 pages plus of best seller, so lets face it, whatever he does works.  His advice is to focus on two crappy pages a day no matter what.  It’s achievable, it’s simple and it works, no matter what is going on in the rest of your life – kids, meetings, madness and all that usual stuff.

It’s become my mantra, in fact along with my life goals it’s stuck to the keyboard on my laptop.  Two crappy pages a day.  Keep going.  Don’t leave the desk until they’re done.  And I think it’s working.  In fact, I know it’s working because the posts on this blog are getting closer and closer together.  I’m not brave enough yet to commit to regular days, but the time is coming.

Hopefully along with all this consistent practice, my writing is improving.  Consistency has never been my strong point, but I’m working on it.  I’ve got an old school calendar on my office wall and I put all my results on it – weight loss, exercise goals, meditation goals and blog posts,  I’m a highly visual person, so I like to see it all in a glance because it motivates me to keep going.

So roll on tomorrow and two more crappy pages.





I’ve been wondering how to continue this blog now I’m home.  How relevant is Adventures Before Dementia now that I am back to everyday life?  Life between travels.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s really relevant, for me anyway.  I figure that if I find meaning in this thinking someone else will also.  I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting lately and I’ve realised that for me life has always been about exploring.  Not necessarily physically exploring (although I’ve done a bit of that in my time) but exploring possibilities, boundaries (oh yeah) and exploring my limits – physically, mentally, spiritually, intellectually.  I love to be learning, doing new stuff and seeing how far I can take it.  To me an integral part of having adventures is exploring.  Hindsight being what it is, I look back and think I’d make some very different choices if I knew then what I know now, but the thread that runs through it all, is that whatever life dished up I looked for the opportunities to explore and grow.

I’m at a stage of my life now where the kids are living their own lives and need very little direct input, the mortgage is under control and I have the luxury of time, energy and experience on my side.  It’s my time to make my mark on the world – until now I’ve focused on marriage, children and career – those things we “should” do as a part of society.  Marriage and children for me have been a raging success, if not always easy!  But career wise I have a load of unfulfilled potential, and at 55 I’m not ready to quietly potter on until retirement – whatever that is.

I believe that there are a lot of people in my situation, post children, post career for whatever reason, with a lot to contribute still, but perhaps undervalued by the mainstream employment market.

So call me a late bloomer, whatever, but this is my time to shine, my time to leave a legacy, my time to push to my absolute limits in every sense. I don’t know how I’m going to do it exactly but I know I will.  What I do know is that I want to create good in the world, encourage more loving kindness, more connectedness and more care for our beautiful planet.  What I do know is that I want to live by these values.  What I do know is that I want to build something good, to push my entrepreneurial limits  and create my own income rather than relying on someone else.  And I will.

So here’s to the process, to enjoying the journey and to adventures!  #explore