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Unplugged and offline

broken cable motherboard

The (insert favourite strong swear word here) motherboard has gone on my laptop. Consequently I have been unplugged for the last couple of weeks.  Honestly its driving me bats and I hate hate hate it.  I’d worked up a head of steam posting daily and getting into good  work habits.  Also, I hadn’t realised just how therapeutic writing is. And addictive.  I miss it!

In the meantime there has been the Grand Autumn Garden Clear Up aka hack, slash and deal to the millions of walnuts which fall in our back yard at this time of year, and an extremely tidy house, with a little bit of paid work thrown in for good measure.

Now that the Gods of House and Garden have been suitably propitiated, I will have to resort to using the office desktop which is usually the sole domain of Himself, or go to the library to write.  Whilst Himself has been very generous so far, I can see this situation rapidly wearing thin…

So hellooooooooooo out there in the dim dark recesses of cyberspace to my few followers.  Thank you for your loyalty.  Reception may be intermittent for the next few weeks but normal transmissions will resume eventually:-)