Staring at the wall


Bit of a clickbait image that one, but reality is, we’re all staring at the wall, it’s just a bit closer when you’re already half way through.  It’s a constant reminder to take on challenges, get out, try the new and  face life head on.

The older we get the more crucial it is to strip ourselves of the status garnered by past achievements and experiences.  To seek out the new, refreshing and challenging, essentially to reinvent ourselves.

If we lose our employment at age 50 plus, we can trot out our new and improved CV, network, and update our Linked In profile, do the rounds of agencies and HR offices.  But doesn’t this all smack of neediness and vulnerability,?  Almost begging?  And do we still want to be at the mercy of an organisational and employment culture which has proved to be fickle at best?  Do we REALLY want to go back there?

Let’s get real here: statistics show that the over 50’s spend longer in unemployment and and go back to work at reduced remuneration.    If you’re a woman it’s even harder to get back into the workforce.  These figures don’t include those of us who just give up aka “retire early” and live on savings.

If that’s the case why bother going back to a mainstream career. It’s time to get angry, to “rage against the dying of the light”, to use that rage to propel us into a new way of being, of seeing the world.

It’s time to take up the challenge to embrace the new, to feel that fear and to use our skills in a revolutionary way.  To have some adventures (before the dementia kicks in!)







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