SOOOO,  it’s been a while…..

I don’t know where to start.  Actually, yes I do.  Life got unaccountably busy last winter, fourteen hour days driving a car park shuttle on a skifield will do that.  Which makes finding time to write a blog difficult.  Especially when I got so tired that I fell asleep halfway through dinner – or once notably halfway through a sentence……And don’t get me started on the number of skis I loaded on a busy day.  Calculations on that one came to a grinding halt – it just got too scary to contemplate.   Suffice to say blog posts were down on my priority list – well below sleeping, and eating…

NONE of which was helpful to a disciplined writing routine.  And once out of routine it became more and more difficult to re-establish the longer time went by.   Then that other person in my head started up – you know the one that sounds like your least favourite school teacher.  The one that’s never a good idea to listen to.  The one that says all your ideas are crap, and who’d want to read them anyway.  THAT voice… Unfortunately I listened.  BAD idea.

ALL of which is an abject lesson in how-not-to-do-creativity.

TIME to get back on the horse again, because to be honest I’ve really missed writing, missed sharing my opinions, missed telling stories.

SO here we go again, back into it.  See you again soon.