Goals revisited


Goals, workharder

The photo at the top of this piece pretty much says it all.  I need to work harder.  Most of us need to work harder.  We think things should be handed to us on a plate, but the truth is, anything that comes that easy isn’t valued.  For a thing to be treasured there must be work involved and the overcoming of difficulties.  Especially the overcoming of difficulties, for it is this that allows us to grow as individuals.  In the past I’ve set goals but really they’ve been more like dreams and I’ve never achieved any of them.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share my goals.  If you look back at previous posts I have written about goals you will see that the specific goals have changed somewhat.  That’s because in learning about myself I’ve been able to refine what I really really want.  I’m also learning that I need to change my associations with some of the things I’m working towards or I’ll never achieve them, because my subconscious is working against me.  Y’all hear me subconscious?? We need to be in this boat together and rowing in the same direction.  For example I have reframed exercise into something that gives me energy, strength and confidence as opposed to making me out of breath and anxious.  Big difference.

So here’s my goals for 2017.  Laugh if you like.  No don’t.  This is really a piece of my heart, and I’m sharing in the hope that it helps someone else.

  1.  Weigh 70kg or less
  2. Have earned $100,000 or more
  3. Have 1000 plus followers on social media

All to be achieved by 31 December 2017.   Or bust.

What I’ve learned is that if I don’t track them very closely progress slips;  I kind of lose focus, so everything gets recorded on my wall calendar and so far it’s working well, except for number two.  I AM earning, but nowhere near that much.  I’m focusing on cultivating abundance and recording my earnings each day, as well as being open to ideas to create extra income streams.  If anyone has any bright ideas do let me know!!

Anyway here I am at 9.00pm writing this and two more crappy pages, after a full on day cleaning cars.  This is me working harder.

May this be of use to you-:)






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