On Meditation

meditation monk may this be of use to you

I truly believe that we all need to be a little bit kinder to ourselves.  Yes, we need to set goals and do the work and hustle, but  we also need to slow down, relax and get quiet with ourselves.  I’m sure Buddhism has a name for this, but I’m not a Buddhist so I’ll call it the do/not do paradigm.

Trees Meditation Nature Quiet

Most of us are incredibly good at the “do” part of the paradigm, but equally we need to sharpen our skills with the “not do” part.    And I don’t mean slobbing out on the sofa watching movies and eating chips.   I believe that what we need more of is the quiet of solitude, the quiet of being with our thoughts and breathing softly, of being in nature and observing.

meditation nature grass

So this post is a plea for a little more quiet, a little more contemplation and a whole lot more attention to  “not doing.”  In our lack of action we begin to find ourselves and then the “doing” part of the paradigm becomes so much more purposeful, beautiful and effective.  May this be of use to you!


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