Seven Ways To Raise Your Standards

7 ways to raise your standards


Here’s my take on some common ways that we can raise our standards:

  1. By  not allowing ourselves to be treated badly by other people
  2. Having only useful or beautiful objects in our homes
  3. Doing  the daily work on our goals
  4. By not listening to the fearful voices inside our heads
  5. Keeping a tidy home – if we can tidy it for visitors, then surely we can give ourselves the respect of keeping it tidy always.
  6. By not allowing negative people and talk in our lives
  7. By only wearing clothing that is a true reflection of our personalities – nothing dull, ugly or scruffy

By raising our standards we restore our self respect and attract better opportunities into our lives, otherwise we’re stuck with the same-old same-old.  In the words of Henry Ford “If you do the things you’ve always done, you’ll  always get what you’ve always got”  Right on Henry.



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