Got Goals? Do The Work

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Here’s where my two crappy pages a day come in.  It’s about doing the work.  Every. Single. Day.  And that’s where I’ve always gone wrong in the past.

Have you ever set goals every New Year’s but never made any progress towards them?  Have you ever wondered why you just seem to be treading water with your career/fitness/health/financial issues?  The hard truth of it is that you’re not doing the work.

It’s taken me years to realize this, but every year I set goals and every year I didn’t achieve them and I couldn’t figure out why.  It’s taken me until I’m 55 to realize that I simply wasn’t working towards them.

Yes, I would throw myself at my fitness or career goals in the beginning of the year, but I seemed to get nowhere fast and I couldn’t figure out why.

It’s just hit me that for starters I wasn’t choosing the right goals for me – they were societal “should have goals”  – like a fancy car or more money.  Goals need to personally resonate  or you’ll never have the daily enthusiasm to go and do the work.  Secondly I wasn’t consistent enough about my work and I wasn’t tracking my goals.  Now it’s all going on my wall calendar and in the notebook I use everyday for my lists, gratitudes and ideas.  Every morning and evening I read my goals and focus on moving towards each of them one tiny step at a time.  And some days it’s a really tiny step.

A lot has been said on the internet about GRINDING out the work  to achieve success.   I tried this for ages and it doesn’t work for me.  What does work is more like  lower-case-unbolded-grinding.  If things aren’t working out then back off.  Take smaller steps, but take them consistently, and track them.  Working towards your goals should be more about the joy of the process, than a miserable suffering towards the end point.   Enjoy each tiny achievement as it happens and then press on.

For me I get a buzz every time I press the publish button on WordPress, I get a buzz every time I can connect my thoughts and voice my opinion in the hope that it helps someone in the same boat as me, I get a buzz from being creative.  I would still be writing down my thoughts and figuring things out on paper even if I was the last person on earth.  Now there’s  a proper goal.



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