I’m A Warrior – What’s Your Archetype?

warrior, military strong goals woman

Can a 55 year old woman with two kids and a husband be a warrior?  Hell yeah.

As much as anything being a warrior is an archetype, a mindset, an attitude to life.

I’ve had a few challenges lately.  I think the Universe has been trying to tell me something about my usual mild mannered ways.  I’m the typical Taurean bull – quiet and peaceful and sucks it up for ages until I’ve had enough and then there’s an explosion that you really don’t want to be around for.   There’s been a number of individuals that I’ve come across recently who have been down right obnoxious and bullying, and I’ve caught the sharp end of their temper.  One of them even chased me into a bar to inform me what a horrible person I was.  My daughter nearly peed herself laughing when I told her about it.  As she put it “Mum was in a bar fight!” Thanks babes.  I’ve a feeling that I really need to grow up and gain a backbone or I’ll suffer this crap for the rest of my life, which is not an appealing prospect.

I’ve always loved hard stuff.  I  don’t mind physical or for that matter mental hardship and I relish a challenge.  So from now on I’m taking on my warrior archetype, until it is no longer useful and there is a tiny ninja turtle figure on my windowsill to remind me to harden up.

So what is an archetype?  According to Dictionary.com they are:

An original model after which other similar things are patterned. In the psychology of Carl Jung, archetypes are the images, patterns, and symbols that rise out of the collective unconscious and appear in dreams, mythology, and fairy tales.

So the Warrior archetype would be a kind of universal symbol of a warrior  of which most of us would agree on the qualities personified.  A warrior should exhibit for example :

  • Strength (both inner and outer)
  • Courage
  • Physical fitness
  • Control
  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Ability to work alone
  • On a quest
  • Confidence
  • Takes no crap
  • Slightly scary……

Where I am going with this post, is that I believe that at certain points  we need to take on the mantle of another personality to enable us to get on with our lives.  At the moment I really need to be a Warrior, but I could see that perhaps later in life I could take on the mantle of a Sage or a Poet or a Mystic to fulfill my purpose.

Now every morning I meditate on what it is to be a Warrior and feel my inner strength and courage.  Please don’t let it take a “bar fight” for you to discover yours!

May this be of use to you







Why I’m Focusing On The Fundamentals And Why You Should Too!

fundamentals  money basics everyday

I’m listening to my teacher/mentor Tony Robbins every morning and one of his teachings which has really struck home is to focus on the fundamentals.  Obvious right?  Ha, not for some of us!  I’m one of those people who can “get” an idea intellectually quickly.  I can analyze it, discuss it, play around with it, and build on it and move on to the next thing. But do it?   Yeah right.  So there’s a need to get out of my head, stop planning and take some massive action.

On reflection though, it turns out that I have been focusing on some fundamental stuff this year – my diet and workouts.

This is what I do:  20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 10 attempts at a pistol squat on each leg. Every day up to three times a day.  Plus cardio.  It turns out that these are my physical fundamentals.  My dietary fundamentals are pretty basic.  Don’t eat crap – no sugar, no processed food.  Lots of fruit and veges.  I was beginning to wonder if it was worthwhile and if I needed to change things up, but after listening to Tony Robbins I think I’ll continue to keep it simple and practice these few things until I have them perfected and only then build on them.

When it comes to Social Media it’s all about posting regular, quality content, which is a matter of practice makes perfect.  So I commit to posting every day the best quality content I can possibly produce and researching on how to improve that content.

So the physical stuff is sorted and the social media stuff is sorted, but when it comes to financial stuff what ARE the fundamentals.  How can I focus on them in order to achieve the results I want?  I guess it would have to be three things:

  1. Earn more
  2. Spend less than I earn
  3. Save/invest the rest

This is where it all gets a bit sticky.  Oh shame.  I am a total failure in this department.  The cold hard truth is that I need to earn more and I need to focus on doing it.  Every.  Single. Day.  Otherwise that $100 000 income is but a dream and a pathetic one at that.

So why is this stuff so important?  It’s not about having swimming pools and private jets.  It’s because in attaining our goals we earn self respect.  We learn, we become a different person in the process and because for me anyway, and I suspect for many others we gain freedom.  Freedom to choose.  Freedom to live our lives to their utmost and to become the people we always dreamed of being.

May this be of use to you






On Freedom

biker-407123_1920I’ve written a lot about goals.

On working hard on them and reviewing daily.

On some I’m doing really well and on others it’s about having faith and making tiny steps.

Its also about tracking goals daily so that my methods can be adjusted.

But what it’s really about is freedom.

Freedom to live my life the way I want to.  Freedom to not be dictated to:  by employers, by society, by family, by “shoulds.”   Freedom to look after my family and friends.  Freedom to have adventures.  Freedom to be the real me.

At 55 I’m finally ready to grow up.  I’m designing my life the way I want it to be, not by societal norms.  I’ve done all the things I “should” do – get married, have children, buy a house, have a career.  Some of these things have been a success in anyone’s eyes – I have a long and happy marriage, I have two kids whom I adore, plus a bunch of awesome friends who I regard as family, and I have a house in an extremely desirable area.   I’ve paid my dues and now it’s my turn to do what the hell ever I want.  Freedom to choose

I desperately need another big adventure.

Part of my big adventure is working on my hard on my goals – adventures of the mind.

But I need physical adventures too.


Freedom to walk off with my backpack and keep going and to stop when I feel like it.  Freedom to ride my motorbike into the sunset.  Freedom to sit at Parisian cafes drinking espressos and (shock horror) foie gras and watching the world go by.  Freedom to snorkel off a sandy tropical beach as the palm trees wave languidly in the breeze.  Freedom to laugh and haggle in Asian markets.  Freedom to chat to fellow travellers at airports.  Freedom to earn my own income that’s contingent only on myself, not subject to the whims of an employer.

The question is:  what’s the next big adventure going to be?




Goals revisited


Goals, workharder

The photo at the top of this piece pretty much says it all.  I need to work harder.  Most of us need to work harder.  We think things should be handed to us on a plate, but the truth is, anything that comes that easy isn’t valued.  For a thing to be treasured there must be work involved and the overcoming of difficulties.  Especially the overcoming of difficulties, for it is this that allows us to grow as individuals.  In the past I’ve set goals but really they’ve been more like dreams and I’ve never achieved any of them.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share my goals.  If you look back at previous posts I have written about goals you will see that the specific goals have changed somewhat.  That’s because in learning about myself I’ve been able to refine what I really really want.  I’m also learning that I need to change my associations with some of the things I’m working towards or I’ll never achieve them, because my subconscious is working against me.  Y’all hear me subconscious?? We need to be in this boat together and rowing in the same direction.  For example I have reframed exercise into something that gives me energy, strength and confidence as opposed to making me out of breath and anxious.  Big difference.

So here’s my goals for 2017.  Laugh if you like.  No don’t.  This is really a piece of my heart, and I’m sharing in the hope that it helps someone else.

  1.  Weigh 70kg or less
  2. Have earned $100,000 or more
  3. Have 1000 plus followers on social media

All to be achieved by 31 December 2017.   Or bust.

What I’ve learned is that if I don’t track them very closely progress slips;  I kind of lose focus, so everything gets recorded on my wall calendar and so far it’s working well, except for number two.  I AM earning, but nowhere near that much.  I’m focusing on cultivating abundance and recording my earnings each day, as well as being open to ideas to create extra income streams.  If anyone has any bright ideas do let me know!!

Anyway here I am at 9.00pm writing this and two more crappy pages, after a full on day cleaning cars.  This is me working harder.

May this be of use to you-:)





When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear

Yoda teacher alwayslearning

You know the old adage “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” well I’ve been waiting for my teacher for what seems like ages.  Evidently I must be ready because in the last week or so I’ve encountered so many materials from this one person that I’ve started to feel slightly hunted.  The Universe definitely has a message for me!  Cue my *happy dance* !  Whoop! Whoop!   Its. About. Freaking. Time.

Apparently Tony Robbins is my guru.  I have encountered (and bought) two CD courses, both the manuals (in perfect unused condition) and “Unlimited Power” by Tony Robbins. For the princely sum of NZ$30.  Whoever originally bought these would have paid hundreds.  I’ve long been a fan of Tony Robbins, having read “Awaken the Giant Within” years ago, and I’ve always wanted to attend one of his courses in person, but given the money involved and add on the travel and it’s out of my league right now.  But this is the perfect option as its cost me next to nothing and I can work through in my own time.

To continue to rebuild my life I need to change some of the associations I’ve held for too long, about money, exercise and work, something which I am determined to do.  I’m working hard on it and tracking my goals on a daily basis….Did you know that if you want to earn $100,000 in a year you need to be making $12.50 every single hour?  I didn’t either, but there you go!

So what have I learned so far?

  1.   I’ve learned what scares me
  2. What I get from not following through on those actions
  3. What it will cost me if I don’t follow through
  4. The benefits I will get by taking action on these scary things
  5. Some of the associations I’ve been making with things I have issues with e.g. Money is bad (ugh…. middle class 1960s NZ up-bringing showing through there)
  6. The reasons why I must change
  7. Ways to get myself out of those limiting associations.

For example I have always had a problem about money.  I was taught that it was bad, to want it was wrong and that anyone who had it “stood on other people’s necks” to get it.  You couldn’t get much worse associations than that.  No wonder I’ve always found myself in relatively poorly paid service type jobs.  Just ask a librarian how much they are paid;  take it from me, for the amount of knowledge and training involved it’s terrible.  Compared say, to an engineer especially.

Thanks to Tony Robbins I’m now learning some new associations to do with money – that it’s a power for good, it can be shared, it gives freedom, and control over one’slife.  It can be used to help others.  These are much better, more useful associations. I’m going to take these and use them to rebuild my life better and stronger and more powerfully.  I’ll keep you all posted as to how I get on.

May this be of use to you.


Flip It!

upsidedown flipit plane

Flip it! has become my motto lately.  If something’s not working, what do I do?  I flip it.  I do the opposite and see if that is any more successful.

Sometimes we have to press reboot on our ideas.  I know at 55, it’s easy to get in a bit of a rut about what works and what doesn’t in life.   However, I’m finding that sometimes what has always works no longer serves in my new rebuilt existence.  Pardon if that sounds like the Terminator, but you know what I mean.  What has always worked for me in many areas, no longer does so, and it’s time for a change.

This blog is not called Adventures Before Dementia for nothing.  I’ve gone from a quiet(ish) – I was never that great about being quiet in a library, librarian existence to having to find a new purpose and meaning in life, and a new way to earn an income.  I’ve gone from the orderly and conventional to a bit of the crazy.  In other words I’ve flipped it – some would say in more ways than one……It’s time to flip my life on its head and have a bunch more adventures.  Lately, I’ve been focused on earning an income (not always successfully) but I’m feeling like I need a little bit more of the crazy (I’ll keep you posted) Anyone like to join me?

May this be of use to you.

Why Am I Sharing My Life?

sharing social media blogging may this be of use to you

Because I’m horribly opinionated and I love to write, so this is an easy way to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions.  Lol.  But beyond that, I’m having to reinvent myself at age 55.  It’s not always been easy, in fact sometimes its down right difficult .  I’m learning to re-frame my redundancy into a great opportunity to carve out a life that is special, and perfect just for me.

I figure that if I’m going through all of this I might as well document it, in case my lessons are able to help others.  And, in the learning, if I teach others along the way, then the lessons might just stick in my head a little bit more effectively.  I’m having to turn a bunch of old beliefs and conditionings completely upside down, which is interesting to say the least.  In fact, now I’ve got so used to that,  that if something isn’t working I automatically “flip it” and try the opposite to see if that will be more successful.

I’m not always great at knowing what to write, some of these posts are a little rocky, a little rough around the edges, but in the words of Sheryl Sandberg “done is better than perfect”.  And that can be a little tricky for a librarian….I’m trying hard to post every day, even if it’s a bit lightweight.  Practice makes perfect, and if I haven’t got this blog format nailed yet, then I’ll have to tweak it.  Or permanently move to YouTube.  I’m not young, I’m not pretty, but I love Social Media and really want to maintain a significant presence here.

So I’m working on it all, and documenting madly with my two crappy pages a day,and hopefully on the way I’m helping others.

May this be of use to you.