I can hear the groans now.  Meditation is one of those things that we know are good for us, like brussels sprouts, and has about the same appeal.   Zero., nil, nada.   We all know we should do it, but we don’t.  But you know just about every successful person I have read about meditates regularly.  So you should too, if you want to start seeing some results in your life.  Here’s why:

I took a  mindfulness course in 2016 and it was one of the best things I did to aid my recovery.  I learned in a formal setting from an experienced instructor.  I’d tried on my own in the past but the practice never really stuck.  this time it did.  Brilliant – and this is when my recovery began to really pick up speed.  It was like day and night, before meditation and after meditation.  I could now see why people got hooked on meditation and raved about it.

I can’t say that I meditate every day now, although I do try to.  I’ve become addicted to that state of quietness and the refreshment that it gives my busy mind.  If I find myself getting uptight  I am now able to get myself into a momentary state of quietness and flick out of the panic and anxiety.  It so helps.  Meditation gives us this ability to get quiet and get clear and reboot our minds.  To switch off and gain clarity.  One of the things I’ve found is that it doesn’t take long either.  A minute or two and I’m feeling refreshed, or sometimes even seconds.

With the quietness also comes insights, and creatively this is such a bonus.  As a lifelong creative I just love this.  To quote Julia Cameron it is a way of “filling the well”

So if you’re stuck, want to change your circumstances, get out of the rut you’re in, try meditating.  Take it from me, it WORKS.


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