Rock Bottom Part 2

Winter  2015 was when I started gaining that much needed perspective.  Therapy helped the process immensely – just having another point of view from a person who was completely neutral was useful.  The therapist helped me unpack my emotions and examine them and this wholly clinical examination laid to rest many of the demons spinning round in my head.  Therapy is an incredibly valuable process if done well;  for me, the best therapists are the ones with whom I may not have a lot in common, but who are prepared to call me out ideas and emotions I take for granted.  I need someone who is rigorous and doesn’t let me away with  hard luck stories, someone who is understanding but prepared to challenge me.  It is through this process of  questioning and challenging that I eventually gain clarity.

Working with a therapist gave me a bunch of insights and fast tracked my ability to dig myself out of that deep deep hole I’d fallen into.  From this point I discovered some awesome tools that I used to revolutionize my life.

If you’re ashamed about going to a therapist, or debating the usefulness of one don’t be.  If the first person you go to doesn’t “click” then keep trying until you find the right one.  And don’t think you’re going to be in therapy for the rest of your life.  In my opinion this is a tool, a kick start.  A good therapist should be committed to get you out of their office and back into the mainstream of life quickly.  Don’t go over old ground again and again, rehashing it.  Move on.  Look up.  Breathe.  Life will be different than before.  In fact it can be BETTER!

In my next post I’ll talk about some other tools I’ve used to build my new life…



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