2017: New Year New You – how to live with happiness and #heart


So, it’s New Year and the internet will be full of posts about New Year New You.  Gym owners will be rubbing their hands in glee because they’ll be making a year’s rent in the next month out of year long memberships used for one week in a flurry of New Year guilt.  Here in the Southern Hemisphere  we have the luxury of summer holidays coinciding with the New Year period.  Long sunny days beside the beach/river in which to dream and plot about the forthcoming year…..

Since I’ve finally figured out that my One Word is #heart it’s made the process a whole lot easier.  This year I will filter every decision past #heart.  This year I figure that if  I make 80% of my decisions from the heart I will be doing well.  In fact it should make for a very happy year and I can’t ask for more than that.

I’ve deliberately set vague goals – every time I get specific something weird happens in the Universe (technical phrase there…..) and the gremlins get in –  which happens so frequently  it’s uncanny.  Goals just aren’t working for me.  For 2017 I’m setting intentions instead.  My intentions are to grow my online audience, increase my cashflow and improve my health.  And that’s it.  Easy.  Or not – do I hear the gremlins sniggering in the background??  Any improvements at the end of the year I’ll take as a win.  And of course all of these intentions will come from my #heart.

I’ve learned something from long walks in the hills – one of my favourite things to do.    If I set out with a gentle intention of going for a walk, rather than roaring off to get “exercise” the momentum gently builds and I go far longer and faster than I originally intended.  I don’t need to thrash myself to get there I just need to relax and walk and enjoy.

So, in that spirit, here’s my advice (and what I’m doing this year):

  •  Don’t set goals, set some intentions which are important to you and come from your heart.  You’ll know them when you find them – they’ll resonate with you.
  • Pick two or three that are the most important to you and deliberately make them vague (hence achievable!)  Don’t get too strung up on lists and targets.  Just know where you want to head and aim for it.
  • If you take the long view and assess at year end any course correction appears as minor in the grand scheme of things.
  •  Don’t forget to regularly check on your intentions.  I’m sticking mine to my laptop keyboard where I’ll be constantly reminded.
  • On 1 January 2018 pat yourself on the back for all the things you DID achieve.  And yes you survived another year!



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