What I’m reading: Your One Word by Evan Carmichael


Good grief, it’s been a while.   I’ve been doing a bunch of reading and thinking but not a lot of writing.  Obviously.    And lots and lots of knitting.  In among all that knitting reading and thinking I’ve read Evan Carmichael’s new book “Your One Word”.   Evan Carmichael is a social media influencer in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

The premise of this book is that we all have one essential concept which shapes our lives and provides the driving force and motivation for our life choices.  This concept can be expressed as a single word and the reader is taken through a series of exercises designed to elucidate it.  The idea is that once one’s word is discovered, this can be consciously applied to clarify options when making decisions around life choices.  A sort of values based filter, or guiding star.

Whilst this could be considered an overly simplistic approach, it actually works,  and having gone through the process it’s become obvious that  my one word is #heart.    I’ve been  struggling lately  to put my finger on exactly what message I wanted communicate with this blog  – what theme actually linked together all of my interests.  Originally it  was intended to be about travel, specifically my travels, but it’s been morphing lately to encompass a number of subjects,  Interestingly, now that I’ve figured out #heart a lot of things have fallen rather neatly into place.   It’s certainly given me a lot more clarity when making decisions.

What #heart means to me is:

  • Trust my intuition – all my best decisions, the ones that have worked out (often unexpectedly) for the best have been those I’ve made with my heart.
  • Get quiet – sometimes my heart speaks in whispers
  • Be courageous – have a big bold gutsy heart – explore, do scary things
  • Act from a place of love – be passionate about what I’m currently doing

To me #heart and the heart symbol are not some safe sappy feel good options.  Its about having the guts to make hard decisions, about speaking up when it’s unpopular and about being true to myself.   It’s about using the strongest force in the Universe – Love –  to create a greener, kinder, gentler world, because we surely do need it right now.  This is not, yet another New Year Resolution which will be forgotten after a month.  This stuff lights up my soul.

So can I recommend this book?   Hell yeah.