Speed Bumps


So happy to be back here!!!  There have been a few bumps in the road on my missiontogreatness lately.  A dose of ill health, one of our kids having employment issues, a broken laptop, all of which contributed to a lack of output on my part.  Not for a want of trying mind you, but in the end I had to step back, relax and go with the flow and know that once things had resolved themselves I could get back to work.  So here I am.  Back at it.  All of my plans for my next post have managed to dissolve themselves and all I feel compelled to write about is the best way I found to manage this mini crisis.

Firstly it helped to just relax.  For my goal oriented driven personality this is easier said than done, and I suspect a life lesson that I badly need to learn.  That brick wall must surely have a dent in it by now from my head banging against it!

In fact, framing the problem as a minor setback rather than a complete roadblock helped also.

Trusting  myself (that I would have the patience and resolution to keep going once the situation had settled down) also helped.  Here’s why having a powerful Why and a bunch of Goals that you’d get up at 5am for really works.

And finally this little meditation that came to me recently has been a powerful help.

Sit calmly.  Breathe deeply.  Feel the power running up and down your spine.  Feel it glowing inside of you, warming you, and giving you strength,  Feel that glow inside of you gradually building until it shines out to illuminate the world around you.  Listen carefully to the quiet spark of your inner knowledge.  Feel it slowly, steadily, expanding until it too glows around you and gently touches all those you meet today.  Breathe.  Now, gently, quietly rise to meet the world and inspire it with your beauty.



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