Finally! A 5am routine that works


Ever since my kids were small I’ve been attempting to get out of bed earlier, get myself organised, have the house tidy,  the meals planned, meditate, write in my journal, revisit my goals, exercise ……and the list goes on,  yada yada yada – you get it.  With varying degrees of success I might add.  Generally it took superhuman effort on my part to haul myself out of bed to face the debris of the previous day scattered about the house.  A pile of dirty dishes on the kitchen bench is not a welcoming prospect at 5am.  Nor is a freezing cold winter morning in the South Island of New Zealand.

After banging my head against a metaphorical brick wall for years I finally woke up (ouch! apologies for the bad pun) to the fact that this approach WASN’T WORKING.

Finally, this year I’ve cobbled together a methoId that works really well for me.  I have tried many routines suggested by success gurus but none of them worked for me.  In the end I had to develop my own. It stemmed from the idea of surrounding myself with greatness – I needed to create an environment that supported me and my goals rather than trying to squeeze myself into an “ideal routine” created by someone else.  So here’s the lessons I’ve learned:

2.  Start the night before.  I revisit the day I’ve just had, assess how it’s gone and plan for the next day.  Currently I’m working hard on producing content and promoting this blog and I have a series of goals and a plan around that, so I figure out what I want to achieve the next day.  I also set up my breakfast stuff and clothes for the next day.  The more I set up the night before the less I have to think about at 5am the next morning when I’m stumbling around half asleep.

2.  Have prompts that work for YOU. I use my alarm clock.  I have a wake up alarm, a get out of bed alarm, a make breakfast alarm, a time to go exercise alarm etc..  That way I don’t have to think too hard in the morning – are you noticing a theme here???  Just do what works for you so that you get done the things you need to each morning.

3. Adapt your routine to circumstances.  Feeling unwell?  Stay in bed and do as much of your routine from there. Pushed for time?  Pick a section of your routine and skip that part instead of abandoning the whole thing.  When its really cold I crawl back into bed with my laptop and write posts from there.  This is your routine – make sure that it works for YOU.

4.  Divide your morning into sections covering Spiritual, Mental and Physical so that you’ve got all areas covered before you walk out the door.

So here’s what I do:

5.00 am  – Wake up alarm.  Open eyes and contemplate getting up

5.15 am – Get up alarm.  Get out of bed. Drink water with lemon and make coffee.  Drink coffee!  Watch inspirational and educational  videos.  Meditate.   Visualize goals.

6.00 am – Make breakfast.  Eat it.

6.30 am – Work on blog and business

7.30am – Exercise alarm….

8.00 am   Shower and get ready for work at paid job.  Make lunch etc

8.30 am  Leave home

When I leave home now I know that I have all MY priorities covered and I can then focus on my paid job.  What I believe is that I need to give the best of myself to ME not to my employer.  I always make sure that me and my goals come first now. Don’r get me wrong I still work hard at my paid job, but the very best of me is reserved just for me and building my business.  To do anything else would be selling myself short. And I have a bunch of stuff I want to achieve in the rest of my life and I’m already half way through.  Gotta hustle NOW.

This is what works for me – I’d love to know what your routine is if you have one that works for you.  Please comment!







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