Always learning


Now that I’ve committed to myself to document the process of my mission to greatness one of the crucial steps I have taken so far is to eliminate negativity from my life.

I no longer consume news and internet content indiscriminately,  instead I choose to focus on reading/listening to/watching great people who I can learn from.  And I truly believe that to become our best selves we need to be continually learning.  So every morning instead of the daily dose of depression that is conventional news I check out a podcast or You Tube clip from at least one of the following people:

Evan Carmichael

Robin Sharma

Casey Neistat

Lewis Howes

Gary Vaynerchuk

If they publish a book chances are I’ll buy that too.

This way I begin my day in a really positive and pumped state.  And I learn a bunch of tools and techniques to keep myself that way and to reach the outcomes that are important to me.

One of my core beliefs is that I can learn ANYTHING. So if I’m not reaching my desired outcomes for whatever reason  I  commit to doing whatever it takes, learning whatever it takes to get there.

One of the tools I’ve learned recently is to have a Morning Routine and this daily dose of inspiration and learning is an integral part of it.  In my next post I’ll detail how a regular morning routine can have a huge impact on your life.




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