Success leaves clues


So one of the realizations I’ve made on my mission to greatness is that success leaves clues.  I don’t have to walk this road alone, others have gone before me and I can follow their path.  And all I have to do is follow – it’s not even difficult I just have to do what they are doing to reach where they are going.  As I wrote about in the previous post it’s taking it step by step.

Three of the steps I’m taking toward my goals are:

  • having a morning routine
  • surrounding myself with greatness
  • being responsible for my results

I’m going to write about the first two  in subsequent posts, but here’s to the third!  By sharing my very modest goals with the world in the previous post I am taking responsibility for my results.  I want to document the process in the hope it is useful to other people to watch me follow that path with all its switchbacks, dips, swamps, and hilltops.  To watch me fall and get back up again  but ultimately to carry on.  I have an idea where it’s going to take me along the way (those goals), but where I will end up will be beyond anything I can possibly imagine.  If I can inspire others along the way that will be awesome.  So here’s to documenting the process.



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