Step by step

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My mother used to describe me as going at things “like a bull at a gate”,  like a “bull in a china shop” or like a “fairy elephant”.  Quite apart from the unflattering references to large heavy animals,  I think she may have had a point.  Enthusiasm rather than execution tended to rule the day on many of my projects.

As I gather more life experiences (ha!  there’s a nice euphemism for getting older) I’m realizing that enthusiasm and energy can be a double edged sword. Intrinsically, they are great qualities to have, BUT in the race to embrace the goal, so many of the important learning opportunities and experiences get overlooked.   I’m learning to have patience, focus on the details and to take it slower and to let events unfold at their own pace.  In other words enjoying the step by step process rather than rushing headlong to the outcome.  So here’s to a bit of quiet but steady and sustained exploring, and some very modest goal setting.

As Will Smith said ” a wall is built one brick at a time”  and Lao Tzu “every journey begins with a single step” AND I might add, every adventure.

My goals for now are:

  • To do one full pull up
  • To lose the last of my excess weight – about 8kg
  • Reach 100 followers on social media
  • To increase my regular income by $100 a week

So there they are – my very modest goals.  The aim is to crack them by 31 December 2016. I’ll keep you posted.






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