Bargaining in Morocco

I’d long ago read of the Arab love of bargaining.  As a New Zealander this is not something I’d had much experience of at all.   It is not in our culture to bargain over price.  However when I look back on some of my old employment agreements I think that I  needed a crash course in it!  There’s plenty of well documented studies about how women workers are not paid as much as men to do the same job.  A good course in bargaining might just help rectify the situation.
So,  the inevitable happens and we are shown some beautiful carpets at a place called Telouat.   And of course we can’t resist.  And I find myself bargaining with one if the masters of the game.  This was not something I had ever envisioned myself doing!! Himself conveniently disappeared and was deep in conversation with Mustafa our driver for the day.   Helpful that.  The bargaining process was the most leisurely and relaxed I’ve ever been involved in and I didn’t once feel harassed or bullied to buy.  We came eventually to a price that was mutually agreeable.  Apparently I bargain like a Berber woman so I’ll take that as a compliment.  This was all completely unlike the experiences I’d previously had in Marrakesh souks and some Asian markets.  I finally learned the lesson.  Relax.  And don’t do business with jerks. I don’t at home so why change when overseas. And if everyone is happy the price is a good one regardless.  And don’t haggle to the last cent it just looks cheap.  It IS cheap.  Let’s face it to most of the locals you’re a millionaire just by being in their country and out of yours.