Adios Andalucia


I miss you already!  I miss the sun on the Med.  I miss the 3€ wine.  I miss the flowers in the campo; the cork oaks, the olive trees.  I miss the pigs on the hill, the owl in the cork tree and Fluff the dog downstairs.   I miss the drive down the hill, the “Curvas Peligrosas” (which arent) the cars parked in the middle of roundabouts and the beat up Renault vans.  I miss tapas and 1€ ham.  I miss the lucky-lucky man from Senegal, Niki at Plaza Bistro, everyone at Cross fit Elviria,  the lady who begs outside the supermarket, all the old Spanish guys with hats and walking sticks and I even miss grumpy Lorena the checkout chick at SuperSol.   So maybe it’s not Adios at all.  Just a luego Andalucia…


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