To quote Princess Diana,  “there’s three of us in this marriage.”  The other party in this case is not Camilla but Emily.  Himself does exactly what Emily asks instantly and if he doesn’t there’s major trouble.   Emily is very posh and very demanding.   Naturally I detest her.  The fact that she’s of questionable morals and will go with anyone doesn’t endear her to me either.
Emily is the voice of the GPS on our phone.  Every so often she gets completely confused, notably at spaghetti junctions in Spain,  and every so often in the middle of an English motorway she will want Himself to abruptly turn left. However on the whole we ignore her at our peril.
Despite being the third party in this marriage she does have her uses.  Whenever any travel disaster happens  it’s always Emilys fault and both  Himself and I roundly abuse her, thus saving many a domestic dispute and preserving marital harmony.