Morning Tea In Shetland


1.  Hire A Car  public transport is erratic.  Even Shetlanders argue about bus timetables. Cars are relatively cheap to hire and will get you to out of the way places that public transport doesn’t get to. There’s lots of hidden gems to be found.  Preferably book your car in advance.  We didn’t and nearly missed out.

2.  Take A Thermos Flask there are some good cafes in Lerwick such as Peerie Cafe and Hays Dock Cafe but out of Lerwick cafes are few and far between.   If you are coffee addicts like we are its disappointing turning up at the end of a road after following cafe signs to find that it’s closed. And besides there are so many beautiful places to stop and enjoy the view with your coffee.

3.  Visit The Green Cupboard  Now that you have been wise traveller’s and followed our advice  you will be nicely mobile.  Drive north of Lerwick on the main island.  Between Aith and Voe there is a green cupboard beside the road filled with the best home baking I have ever tasted.  I recommend the Oatcakes.

4.  Find A Good Place To Stop  For this step I recommend acquiring an Ordnance Survey map of the Shetland.  We used the free tourist version which is widely available but not nearly as good.  The OS map is far more detailed in terms of the smaller roads and has all of the archaeological sites.

5.  Enjoy!